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Sprottenhop 2024: September 13-15 in Kiel!

An exciting yet relaxed swing workshop weekend awaits you in Kiel –
directly on the Baltic Sea!

Here is the registration form as a PDF to fill out.
Please send it to the specified e-mail address!

Breaking News:

  • Beginner/Intermediate: free spots!
  • Intermediate/Advanced: SOLD OUT, ONLY WAITING LIST
Registration will start on April 5 at 7pm local time!
  • 3 levels of Lindy Hop (beginner/intermediate – intermediate – intermediate/advanced)
  • 1 level of Tap (beginner/intermediate)
  • Our internationally renowned teachers are:
    Jo Hoffberg & Daniel Larsson / Lindy Hop
    Ariadna Beltran & Simon Bressanelli / Lindy Hop
    Daniel Larsson / Tap
  • Get-together party on Friday
  • Amazing “Sprottenball“ on Saturday with live music from Shreveport Rhythm – again in the “Musiculum“ ballroom (no ticket sale at the door!)
  • Tea Dance on Sunday
Jung Joon Seo
Jo Hoffberg in Korea
_MG_8108-2 (1)
Daniel Larsson
Ari & Simon
Passes and costs:

Full Pass LINDY HOP including SOLO JAZZ – 145 €
5,5 h Lindy Hop + 1h Solo Jazz + 3 Parties (Get-together, Sprottenball, Tea-Dance)

Full Pass TAP DANCE80 € (Optional: + Party Pass – 95 €)
4 h Tap Dance

Party Pass25 €
3 Parties (Get-together, Sprottenball, Tea-Dance)
Limited availability!

Members of KTK e.V. get a 10 Euro discount on the respective pass.


Lindy Hop – Beginner/Intermediate: You are familiar with the 8-count, 6-count and Lindy Charleston rhythm. Within these rhythms, you can lead or follow simple basic figures like e. g. send out, tuck turn, change of places, promenades, circle.

Lindy Hop – Intermediate:
For the intermediate classes you should have been dancing for a while, be absolutely confident in the basics and be able to lead and follow different variations. Combining different basic figures with footwork variations should no longer be a problem for you. Your goal is to expand your dancing skills by learning new figures and variations. In addition, you want to work on your technique and improvisation skills to better express yourself in your dancing.

Lindy Hop – Intermediate/Advanced:
This level requires the understanding that the quality of the (body) movements is much more important than a plethora of learned figures. You work consistently towards becoming a better dancer and harmonizing well with others when dancing. You want to improve the quality of your movements, your musicality and your skills in leading/following. Your technique and basics are at a level where you can incorporate different rhythmic variations and improvise without hesitation. You can dance fluently to slower and faster music without throwing your partner off balance and without neglecting your own balance and timing.

Tap – Beginner/Intermediate:
You have been tap dancing for a couple of years and are comfortable with simple shuffle, flap and paddle combinations. You have a solid vocabulary of steps and can execute different time step variations in various tempos. Improvisation is not new to you and you have a basic understanding of music and how to use it in your dance.

Terms and conditions
  • Once your registration has been checked and places are available, you will receive an e-mail confirming your participation and including the payment information.
  • Your registration is only valid (and finally confirmed) once payment has been received.
  • For couple registrations, both partners must provide the e-mail address and name of the respective partner when registering.
  • If we cannot immediately offer you a spot, you will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Registration is personalized. It is not allowed to resell tickets to prevent misuse or fraud. If you want to pass on your ticket to another person (same level and role), please contact us.
  • If you have to cancel your registration and no applicants from the waiting list can take your place, the registration fee cannot be refunded.
  • The teachers reserve the right to relocate any participant to any level at any time. This also applies to the respective partner.
  • By registering for Sprottenhop 2024, each participant automatically grants KTK e.V. a perpetual, royalty-free right and license to use, copy, publish, display and distribute photos and video recordings taken at the event for e.g. purposes of reporting on the event and advertising on the association’s website, including social media.
  • Kieler Swing und Tanz Kultur e.V. accepts no liability for damage resulting from accidents or loss or theft of property during the events.
  • By registering, you accept the terms and conditions of participation.